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With ABA’s MOD APK, discover the keys to English fluency. This incredible online learning platform gives you unlimited access to exciting lessons, stimulating activities, and helpful interactive tools – no fee required. With this app, say hello to endless possibilities for success with every word you learn. Maximise your learning experience today by customising the perfect course for you. Whether you’re just starting or a nearly fluent speaker, our app has something to fit everyone’s level.

Discover content that is simple to comprehend and super practical in everyday conversations. Plus, get access to fun interactive puzzles – so dive right into improving fluency now. Its vast content and activities will ensure you keep pushing yourself to reach those heights. Delve into a world where even native speakers are in awe – start today, and discover what it means to be fluent.


Enjoy Learning English with Pace

Learn English at your own pace with the new and exciting app for learners of all levels. With lessons broken down into four categories – Vocabulary, grammar, and Listening & Speaking – you can focus on the areas that suit you best.

It helps you develop a natural accent and pronunciation in real-world conversations. Get feedback from native speakers and interact with them through no better way to hone in on everything from basic grammar rules to fluency tips. It includes quizzes for testing yourself, pronunciation exercises for mastering the details of speaking a new tongue, and flashcards that ensure vocabulary words stay firmly fixed in memory.

Practice your Pronunciation and Listening

Get feedback from native speakers on how authentic your accent is. So you know what areas need improvement. Keep advancing with the helpful grammar section for complete fluency in no time. Learning a language can sometimes seem daunting, but this app makes it easy. Its innovative flashcard system helps you master vocabulary effortlessly. Plus, the interactive quizzes and constant repetition ensure you will remember what you’ve learned. So there’s no worry of slipping up when talking to your foreign friends or colleagues.

With the help of videos, podcasts, articles, music, and micro lessons, you don’t need to spend hours studying every day. You can spend a few minutes here & there to keep your knowledge growing strong. So take some time every day to practice these little lessons that’ll have big rewards in no time.

Explore Exercises, Videos, and Got Certificate

Take your language skills to the next level with this incredible learning platform. With certificates available after mastering each foreign tongue, you’ll be able to show off what you know proudly. If you get stumped along the way, there are helpful tutorial videos ready and waiting – so that nothing will stand between you and reaching fluency in a new vocabulary.

It is your chance to seize the opportunity and become an international speaker. Make sure that tracking your progress becomes part of this journey by setting goals and measuring successes. Learn how different languages bring us closer together as we build meaningful connections with new people. As we strive for fluency in our language of choice, why not dive headfirst into the vibrant cultures surrounding them?

Real-Time Exams and Classes

Take their range of tests from A1-C1 and test yourself on all aspects as reading, speaking, listening, and writing. See how far you’ve mastered the language – challenge yourself today. Finally, you can have the opportunity to learn English from home. Take part in inspiring live workshops with teachers all around the globe, and get advice from native speakers who will motivate your path towards fluency. With this app, a world of language-learning possibilities awaits – no passport required.

Take this opportunity to join the English learning experience. Our interactive video lessons will help develop your vocabulary, speaking abilities, reading comprehension, and writing prowess — all from the comfort of your home. Upgrade to the MOD version for additional features, such as a personalised study plan and access to exclusive content. Learn the English language with ease.


Fresh Content Everyday

It gives you access to “review classes” where you can go over everything you’ve learned so far and conversation classes where you can practice speaking and pick up more complex English vocabulary. Every day, online courses are offered for all skill levels.

Through videos, podcasts, articles, and music, you can also find new content daily in a short amount of time. They are instrumental. You are assisting users in learning four English language skills at once through engaging formats like videos, podcasts, and brief review exercises. It will be a helpful guide as you delve further into the rich world of English, which is currently the universal tongue.

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