Chai MOD APK v0.4.122 (Premium Unlocked)

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Now a day chatting with someone is very delightful and beautiful way of communication, sometime we talk with someone so many hours but we think like we have done nothing. Because chatting is very delightful for present generation, for this purpose Chai MOD APK is the best app for everyone. It provides you an opportunity to find friends from all over the world. You just tap on chat and start conversation with your buddies. During conversation you should have mature conversation so this app is for 18+. It is not suitable for children, it is good for mature adults. This app is easy to use, so, you can easily use it to follow some steps. All options are provided to you for your ease.This app is used to connect people with each other through conversation or chatting. It is an app that is unique among the other app. This app mainly focus on the mature audience which indicates that the conversation is grown up. It is ideal for socializing. It is good for educational purposes too. It has alot of characteristics or features and the interesting thing is that this app has all unlocked features. It means you can use them without any trouble and all available features are free. As, this app provide you messaging option so, the benefit is that there is no limits of messaging. AI system are present in it. All of the errors have been fixed, you will not face any type of error and also you will not see adds while you use this app. Inshort, it gives you the best time with your favourite buddies.


AI system

This app contain an outstanding AI system which connects people with each other and connects the people to those who have same interest. First, it examines your interest, information and data which you have provided. Secondly, it  recommends the person according to your mood. In other words, it simply analyzes you through your chats and then you meet with your same interest buddies.

Easy to download

This app is easy to download. You can easily download it through the play store. It requires android 6.0 for smooth operation and it is a lightweight application.

User interface

This app is designed in such a way that it is so easy to use. You can see all option on your screen which help you to run this application. You just tap on the chat and start conversation with your buddies.


This app is secure to use. Unlike other apps, it does not track your location or misuse your pictures. Instead, according to your age it suggests you for your betterment. It cares about your messages, pictures, location, and your everything is secure while using this app.


App purchases

This app gives you an opportunity to unlock its beautiful features by making in app purchases. You can enjoy its services for free because it’s not compulsory.

Accurate recommendations

Expection about accurate recommendations for any app is ovious. You can also expect accurate recommendations for this app. This app also provides you accurate recommendations, its AI system analyze your profile and recommend the right fit to you. It depends on your age and activities. This app is perfect for those people who are looking for friends of specific group.

Chat including numerous topics

This app allows you to talk on any topic. You have different kinds of topics, you can talk to anyone topic with your buddies and can aquire knowledge. Commonly it includes fitness, gadgets, travel, beauty, entertainment, etc. This app also provides educational guidance. This app gives you a great way of learning about any matter.

Ideal for socializing

This app is also ideal for socializing. It includes chat interface that is intuitive. You can communicate with the people without any problem or any difficulty. It includes AI system that make it secure and make you feel easy while using this app.

Unlocked features

This app provides you different features which you can unlocked free of cost. You will not expect the complicated unlocking. It will be done just within a few minutes and in easy steps.

Unlimited messaging

The app provides you unlimited messaging feature. You can communicate with others without restrictions. This feature makes the app perfect for socializing.

Fixed bugs

This version is free from all defects and faults. It is full of ease, comfort and leaves no frustrations at all.

Favorite character by keyboard

If you have lost or missing your friend and want to find them. Its very difficult to find them. So, how would we find or track our missing partner? This app makes it easy, it provides keywords searching, that help you to get back to your contact. Also, this app provides you new chatbox with modern and latest style.


Unique emoticons

This app gives you set of emoji that is perfect for any occasion. You just tap on the icon to tell that how much you like or dislike the things or conversation that is happening. This is the simple way to show the conversation that is going on properly or not. These icons are used to show your emotions that may be negative or positive.

Ads free app

This app is free of ads, you can use it without the disturbance of ads.Recommended Apps:

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