Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK v23.1.1 (Patched, All Unlocked)

App Name Infinite Flight Simulator
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Size 650M
Latest Version 23.1.1
MOD Info Patched, All Unlocked
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Infinite Flight MOD APK is a famous aviation game designed with improved graphics and extra features that give it a realistic feel. From beginners to experienced fliers, it offers a great way to experience the thrill of flying without boarding a plane. You can enjoy a more realistic flight simulation with improved aerodynamics and aircraft models. You’ll have access to over 20,000 airports worldwide and can customise your plane’s engine power, build in-flight checklists, adjust the weather conditions for extreme accuracy, and more. Make sure to sharpen your flying skills by completing missions or attempting to land at challenging airports. On top of that, you will have access to extra features like the global multiplayer mode that lets you fly with and against other players worldwide.

With its realistic flight physics, exciting combat missions, and limitless possibilities for customisation, it is an engaging and challenging aerial combat simulator.

Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK

Flying experience

You can enjoy a realistic flight simulation experience with its 20,000 airports and 180 aircraft models. You can customise your plane’s engine power and other settings according to your skills and preferences. With this, you can experience the thrills of navigating an aircraft in all its intricacies without having to endure rigorous training. You are given your virtual plane for test-driving and playing with cruise control, starting system, and landing modules. Plus, get comfortable with an autopilot mode that helps control flights automatically from take-offs to landings. So embark on this journey full of intriguing joysticks & engines.

Sharpen your flying skills by completing missions that are based on real-world scenarios. Learn how to fly your aircraft in different weather conditions, interact with air traffic control and even practice emergency landings. You can participate in exciting races or plan cross-country adventures to explore the virtual environment at your fingertips.

Achievements and Unlock Flights

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock various achievements ranging from mastering specific manoeuvres to completing time trials and mission objectives. As you stack up achievements, you’ll unlock new aircraft models for your missions. You can also set goals for yourself, such as reaching a certain number of hours in the air or completing a certain number of flights.

With Infinite Flight, you can become a master of the skies! Take to the control panel and unlock an impressive array of planes, from civil aircraft like CRJ-200s, Caravans, and SR22s to military craft – even cargo hauliers. The opportunities are endless, but it takes some great skill to be amongst aviation’s elite pilots. So take flight today with new experiences waiting around every corner.

Playback in Multiples

You can join or create a clan to take on other teams in strategic aerial combat simulations. Be the top ace pilot, leading your team to victory by outmanoeuvring and outsmarting opponents. Make your game experience more personal by customising planes and aircraft with skins and mods. Share your best creations with other players and show off your skills in the skies.

With multiple levels of difficulty, you can challenge yourself to become the ultimate ace pilot. And with online tournaments and leaderboards, compete for glory and bragging rights against other players worldwide. No matter your experience level or play style, enjoy endless hours of fun in this customisable and competitive environment.

Take Flight and Enjoy the Nature

You can enjoy nature in your flight simulator by exploring the world’s most beautiful landmarks and iconic cityscapes. Soar low over mountaintops, fly across oceans, or dive into canyons for a bird’s eye view of the terrain. Experience the thrill of flight simulation like never before with elite pilots. Practice advanced manoeuvres and learn from the best of the best. With various missions, challenges, and tutorials to complete, you can become a top-notch pilot in no time.

Participate in thrilling tournaments and events organised by professional flight simmer for your chance to win amazing prizes.

Infinite Flight Simulator MOD APK

Become a Controller

You can choose an airport to control the real-world controlled aerodrome rules in it from among the hundreds of controllers that are available online. Control incoming or outgoing traffic, act as an approach/departure controller or act as an area controller for en route traffic. Almost anything is possible for you.

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