Kick the Buddy MOD APK v2.0.7 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

App Name Kick the Buddy
Genre ,
Size 105M
Latest Version 2.0.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gold
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This game is unlike any other it allows you to relieve all your stress and anger in a virtual world. So now you mustn’t take your anger out on your high-quality pal. the game is the right manner to ruin, shoot, destroy, and freeze whatever (or whoever) you need. no one shall stop you! just remove your anger and pressure. You don’t have to interrupt all your luxurious stuff because now you may do all of that inside the digital global. if you want pressure comfort, this sport will provide it to you.
Playing this game is the best way to take out your stress and anger. It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to let off steam without harming others or destroying property. You can use your creativity to unleash various powerful weapons, from rifles and hand grenades to nuclear bombs. There are no limits, so go wild and have fun!

Kick the Buddy mod apk

If you’re feeling angry or stressed from a long day at work, don’t worry!

This game is the perfect way to relax and let off some steam. You don’t have to worry about ruining relationships or breaking something expensive. You can let loose and release all your pent-up frustration without worrying about the consequences.

on this app, guns are crucial, and this equipment will make you extra appealing. At each degree, the app will provide you with some suitable guns. The extra up your pass, the extra alluring the weapon will be, and the harm might be extra extreme. however the friend will no longer stand nevertheless; it’ll move around and make it greater difficult to defeat. therefore, the better you cross, the greater focused you may have to be.

Prepare the rooms with different decor

The various decorations in Kick the Buddy also provide different interactive opportunities for more engaging activities. you may torment human beings in some distant extra interesting locations, consisting of a park, a switch room, or even a padded mobile. A symphony hall is also an option if you want to give your victim something to scream about!

Earn additional rewards by completing further achievements

As you enjoy the primary gameplay, you will also be introduced to some achievements you can complete for spectacular rewards. So don’t hesitate to power through and torture your way to some extra goodies. The rewards are well worth the effort, so go for it!

Never give up on your goals

When you connect your Google Play account to the game, you can pick up where you left off – no progress will be lost. Plus, every time you sign in with a connected account, your savings will be automatically backed up online. So even if you’ve deleted the game before or are using a new phone, you can quickly get your progress back.

You can play the game online or offline

in case you’re no longer currently related to the internet, do not worry; you may still play this splendid game for hours on giving up, even offline. Launch the game and spend time torturing the dummy. Additionally, since all your saved games will be uploaded online as soon as your Internet connection is restored, there’s no need to worry about them.

Your buddy may be dressed but you pick

you can also deliver your dummy a bit of makeover with diverse clothes and costumes to be had to make him into your “special” someone. Get creative with makeup and clothes to make him into whoever you want.

Kick the Buddy mod apk

Various things to strive for in your buddy

Kick the pal is an addictively amusing sport that gives you get entry to diverse “things” that you could strive for your buddy as you get sucked into the gameplay. you could shoot him with your weapon and chase him across the room!

gather numerous bloodless guns, then use them to either reduce your dummy in half or use a huge quantity of arrows to nail him to the wall. Use the strong explosive to up the ante and blow up the entire room alongside your dummy.

This game gives players access to some of the most incredible and exotic “stuff,” and it keeps things fresh by constantly adding new weapons and items. With obscene musical instruments, food, gods, and even a T-Rex at your disposal, there’s no limit to the torture you can inflict on your dummy. And the more time you spend playing, the more absurd weapons you’ll locate.

Free to use

All Android game enthusiasts can currently play the game at no cost. you may use it unfastened from the Google Play store and set up it on your gadgets. In-app purchases are found in the game, although a maximum of you may locate them desirable, given the laugh gameplay.


This game invites players to fun and engaging gameplay where they can feel free to take down their dummy in any way possible, thanks to simple yet intuitive graphics. Each moment in the sport might be a whole lot extra first-rate thanks to the interacting landscapes and people.


The incredible, realistic sound effects in the game will transport you to a whole new world as you give your furry friend a good beating. The voiced character responding to your actions will further upload to the game’s excitement and amusement element.

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