Best Free IR Remote Control App For Android

January 24, 2024 (5 months ago)
Best Free IR Remote Control App For Android

Here you will get a catalog of the ever best and most free IR remote control apps for your Android devices or Infrared Remote Control app that uses the IR sensor of Android devices like ACs, DVDs, TVs, players, and smart lights. If your android mobile has an Infrared sensor, you can easily control the many devices in your office and home. Primarily, some selected apps work as a universal remote and control many devices like ACs, TVs, home theatre, and DVD Players.

You can add multiple and different devices of your choice into these different apps.

Following is the best catalog of IR remote control apps for Android:

Learn Remote:

The lean remote is an app that can control wifi and IR-operated devices. Lean remote also accesses its users to save the connection with numerous devices. So the users can skip reconfiguring the lean remote app with formerly attached devices. The lean app is the best app for Android users. This app allows you to easily control multiple devices on your Android smartphone. Wifi sensors and IR blasters are used by lean remote to control these devices. Different apps like home theatre, sound bar, DVD Player, AC, and Tv can be controlled by lean remote.

Eye-Catching feature of Lean Remote:

  1. IR Remote accesses its users to control and connect different devices using IR blaster sensors.
  2. Smart Remote provides access to control and connect the different wifi set-top boxes, TVs, and streaming media devices.
  3. It provides a catalog of companies and devices to connect with specific gadgets.
  4. The virtual remote control is very simple in its use. Through this, you can insert instructions to the connected devices.
  5. It also provides the option of saving devices. It means you can easily control and connect these devices when needed.

Mi Remote Controller:

It is a free remote control app for Android. Other Android devices can be used for home devices like AC, Set-top boxes, TV, etc.

Eye-catching features of Mi Remote:

  1. Mi controller supports many devices like a projector, fans, ACs, cameras, TV, and many more.
  2. Mi controller has the feature of connecting different devices where you can connect devices according to your need.
  3. A clutter-free virtual remote is available through which you can easily interact with the connected device.
  4. Mi remote app saves all the previously attached different devices so that there is no need to pair any device with it when you have to use this app again in the future.

IR Remote Control:

This is another free remote app for Android devices. Using this app, you can control different devices that Infrared sensors can control. IR blaster sensor is compulsory for using this app on Android devices.

Eye- Catching features :

  1. IR remote control apps support three types of devices: DVD Players, VCRs, and TVs.
  2. A device manufacturer catalog is available through which you can connect a specific device according to your need.
  3. A simple remote interface is also available in it that provides a number pad, OK buttons, direction arrow buttons, an On/OFF button, etc.

Zaza Remote:

This app is also a free app for Android users. This device can work with Android and many other companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, HTC, Lenovo, etc. To work with Android devices, an IR blaster sensor is compulsory. Using it, the Android device changed into an IR remote, and users can easily manage and control different companies’ DVD Players, ACs, and TVs, of different companies.

Eye- Catching features of ZaZA Remote:

  1. It provides the feature of a search tool through which you can search the actual model of different electronic devices under its control.
  2. This app contains more than 300,000 devices.
  3. It contains the DIY remote control feature, which carries the signal of a genuine remote to control the connected device.
  4. It also provides a recording feature so that the voice can be recorded and controlled through the voice system.

Universal TV Remote Control:

This remote control app is also used for Android devices. However, as its name indicates, it is mainly used for TVs. Using this app, we can easily control the intelligent and standard TVs of companies like LG, Samsung, MI, VU, and many others. It also includes the features of intelligent functionalities for controlling smart TVs.

Eye- Catching features:

  1. This remote control app will find all standard features like On/OFF, MUTE/UNMUTE, AV/TV, and Multi-purpose soft keys.
  2. For controlling smart TVs, it has features of voice search, Mouse Navigation, power control, etc.
  3. A large number of models of different companies can be controlled by it.
  4. Due to its simple interface feature, it is easy to use.


By using this app, you can convert your Android devices into universal remotes. For this purpose, these apps have features that allow you to control different devices like Smart lights, Smart TVs, Sound systems, ACs, and many other things. In addition, it also contains a virtual remote control interface to control all these aspects of devices.

Eye-Catching Features of irplus:

  1. This is best for the Android version of 4.4. Some devices like LG G4, LG G3, LG G5, Cubot X12, Xiaomi Mi4, and Huawei Honor 8.
  2. It has a macro mode through which you can set multiple instructions to a single button. In its response, it opens the TV and introduces a specific app.
  3. In this app, you will find a full-featured interface like a number pad, channel switcher, home button, app switcher, and many more.
  4. In this app, you can customize the layout code according to your choice by using an XML file.

Universal Remote for LG:

This is another free remote app for Android. The primary usage of this app is to control LG smart appliances like LG DVD Player, LG TV, LG AV Recorder, and many others. This app is also workable with other companies like Panasonic, Philips, and TCL.

Eye-Catching Features:

  1. The installation process of this app is very easy, and its configuration is with LG devices. After their configuration process, you can easily control the LG appliances.
  2. It also exhibits the feature of saving devices. So you can easily select multiple previous devices.
  3. It provides a clean and interactive remote interface that indicates that anyone can easily use and control ACs and TVs without wasting energy.

TV Remote Control for All:

This app allows you to easily control different companies’ TVs and models.

It is a universal tv remote app for Android devices.

Eye-Catching features:

  1. This provides support to all companies of TV models like innovative and standard types.
  2. Here you can select and find a specific TV channel from the library to connect it to the TV.
  3. It is very simple, and anyone can use it without difficulty.

Google Home:

Google home is the best remote app in its usage. The primary function is to control Google Chromecast and Google Home devices. You can pick any TV show, movie, image, song, and whatever is according to your choice. After this, you can easily cast it on your mobile screen. You can adjust the volume on the Google Home app. But you can adjust the volume on your mobile devices and many other effects. This app is free to use.

Twine Universal TV Remote:

Twinone Universal Remote app is the best app for Android devices. It is designed in a simple way for its users. You can easily use it on your android devices. It works best for set-top boxes and TVs. Here on this app, you will find difficulty because you will also see advertising features.

To sum up, all these devices provide the best experience for users who are using Android devices.

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