Truecaller MOD APK v13.43.5 (Premium Unlocked)

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Its unique feature set allows users to easily access and log all incoming calls and messages, giving them complete control over their communication experiences.Its advanced algorithms and vast database of numbers and contacts make it one of the market’s most accurate and reliable spam detectors, ensuring that users are protected from unwanted calls and messages at all times. Overall, it is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their communication experience and stay protected from spam and unwanted calls.

Truecaller MOD APK
Truecaller MOD APK

Advanced Spam Detection and Blocking

It uses advanced algorithms and a vast database of known spam numbers to block unwanted calls and messages effectively. It ensures that users are protected from unwanted communication, such as telemarketing calls, robocalls, and scam calls. It also can learn from user behavior and adapt its spam-blocking capabilities based on the user’s preference. The more the user uses the app, the more effective it becomes at identifying and blocking spam calls and messages.

Contact Management

It is beneficial for identifying unknown numbers and can help users decide whether or not to answer or block the call or message. It also allows users to add a contact directly from the call or message log, saving them the trouble of manually adding the reference to their address book. Users can manage their contacts and add custom notes or tags to organize their contact list better.

Truecaller MOD APK

Call and SMS Logging and Recording

It keeps a log of all incoming and outgoing calls and messages, allowing users to access their communication history easily. It is beneficial for personal or business purposes, allowing users to keep track of important calls and messages. It allows users to record calls and keep a record of essential calls for future reference.

Customizable Block Lists

Users can create custom lists of numbers to block or allow, giving them complete control over their communication experience. It will enable users to easily block numbers from telemarketers or unwanted contacts while still receiving calls from important contacts. Users can also create a list of numbers that will always be allowed to call or message, ensuring they don’t miss important calls or messages.

Real-time Caller Information and Feedback

It provides real-time information about callers, including their names, location, and feedback from other users. It allows users to give feedback on a caller, which helps the app improve its spam detection capabilities and helps other users make informed decisions about answering calls or messages from the same number.

Truecaller MOD APK

Integration with Social Media and Other Applications

It integrates with various social media platforms and other apps to provide users with more information about callers and contacts. It allows users to see a caller’s social media profile or add a reference directly to their address book. It can be beneficial for identifying unknown numbers and helping users decide whether or not to answer or block the call or message. It can be linked with other apps like calendar, email, and messaging apps to provide users with a seamless experience.

Backup and Synchronization of Contacts

It allows users to back up and synchronize their contacts across multiple devices, ensuring they always have access to their important contacts. It benefits users who frequently switch between multiple devices and want to ensure that their connections are always up-to-date. It also allows sync contacts with cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox, providing users with an additional layer of data security.

Truecaller MOD APK

Multi-language Support

It is available in multiple languages, providing a more user-friendly experience for users worldwide. It allows users to use the app in their native language, making it easier to understand its features and options.

Emergency and Fraud Detection

Users can quickly report fraudulent or emergency numbers, defending other users from obtrusive calls and messages.  It enables users to report shady numbers and possible fraud attempts, which the app can flag and prevent. It also has a built-in emergency feature that allows users to call emergency services with a single tap quickly.

Truecaller MOD APK

Advanced Search and Filtering capabilities

It provides advanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing users to find specific calls, messages, or contacts quickly. Users can search for calls or notifications based on various criteria such as date, time, or contact name, making it easier to find the information they need. Users can filter their logs by multiple criteria, such as call duration, call type, or contact name, making it even easier to find the information they need. It benefits users who have many calls and messages in their logs and want to find specific information quickly.Recommended Apps:

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