War Robots MOD APK v8.6.1 (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy)

War Robots MOD APK v8.6.1 (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy)

App Name War Robots
Publisher UPWAKE.ME
Size 212M
Latest Version 8.6.1
MOD Info Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy
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Get ready for endless excitement and destruction with the War Robots MOD APK, featuring unlimited money to purchase upgrades and customise your robots. Put your battle skills to the test and dominate the competition with this thrilling mobile game. Go head-to-head against players and prove yourself as the ultimate mech pilot.

Customise your robots with powerful upgrades, weapons, and gear. Upgrade your firepower, armour, speed, and more to give them an edge in battle. Build your unique battle force with robots, each with its abilities and roles to play in the game. With over 40 different robots, you’ll never get bored and always find something new to test out. It also includes special events that will challenge you never like before. Compete in tournaments, join forces with friends to create a clan, and participate in massive battles against other players.

Play alone or team up with friends to take on the opponents. These are intense, fast-paced, and always exciting. Test your skills, build a winning strategy and become the ultimate warlord.

Customise your robot with a variety of weapons and modules. Upgrade your robots to increase their speed, strength, and firepower. Strategise with friends and create the perfect team to tackle any enemy. Experience revolutionary graphic effects powered by Unreal Engine 4.This thrilling 6v6 Robo battler brings you into a dynamic and exciting realm filled with over 50 different types of robots, all equipped with cutting-edge weaponry. Team up with your friends as you deploy tactics to conquer unique battlefields and become an unstoppable fighting force that no one can withstand or outsmart.


Over 50 Types of Robots and Weapons

Customise your unique style of warfare with an ever-expanding roster of robots and weapons. Fight in realistic locations, from deserts to cities, each offering its challenges.

Experience the thrill of taking over 50 colossal War Robots in an epic virtual battleground. From Cossack, Destrier, Gepard, and GI Patton - these mechas are sure to excite every player's taste. But if you need more challenges, try downloading our modified version: It offers all sorts of new strategies, like infinite bullets & missiles just waiting to be tried on the battlefield. Explore diverse maps and battle your way through fierce squad vs squad skirmishes that will test your wits, strategy, and adaptability.

Engage in 6v6 Multiplayer Battles

Get ready for an epic robotic battle of 6v6 PvP Tactical Robo action. Robots are the ultimate android game experience where you'll join forces with your teammates to take on opponents in thrilling map-based warfare. With world-class armoury and weapons, including gun and missile launchers, at your disposal, defeat enemies by earning rewards that strengthen your team as you gain currency to buy new robot troops along with cutting-edge tactics. Get set for one electrifying thrill-filled adventure - it's time to combat mode.

Attack, defend, and support your team with an ever-evolving arsenal of mechs and weapons.

Strategies to Outsmart your Opponents

Unleash your inner tactical genius. Customise your strategies and dominate the battlefield with weapons, troops, turrets, and bots. Choose from machine guns, sniper rifles, RPGs, and more to bring down your enemies. These are designed to make alliances between players to work together in battles. Coordinate with your team and control the battlefield by using various tactics.


Get ready to jump into the heated battles of War Robots with infinite ammo. With our compatible MOD APK, you can go on a destroy-all mission and wreak havoc in enemy territories. No more overheating due to scarce bullets - download this game today for endless fun without interruption. Get your gun blazing around the clock and show no mercy as you unleash missiles on all those who challenge you.

Play with Friends in Team Matches

Join up with friends and create your robot squad. Take on other players in intense 6v6 matches and enjoy the game to the fullest. The battlefield is waiting for you - join the fight now. Get thrilled with realistic graphics and movements as you take out enemy robots one by one. Feel every explosion and ammo fire as you fight against endless waves of bots to win every match.

Enjoy both single-player and multiplayer action, with easy-to-learn controls that will leave all opponents in awe. Join the battle now for unlimited fun. The developers behind it have created a realistic experience with stunning visuals and stimulating sound effects. Every battle is rendered in beautiful 3D graphics, making you feel like you are on the battlefield. The game boasts advanced lighting and post-processing effects that bring out every detail of your environment.

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War Robots MOD APK v8.6.1 (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy)

Download (212M)

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